See how Lucile powers her clients’ social amplification campaigns with Ampifii

mary persona

Lucile is an audience development manager at Postmedia. She likes Ampifii’s branded solution because it enables her to professionally manage a hundred campaigns at once.

Lucile just got an online brief for a Postmedia client’s native advertising campaign. She easily creates a professional campaign plan using Ampifii that combines Facebook and Twitter.

Lucile references the online brief to determine the campaign objectives including flight dates, budget, and target audience details.

campaign info

Postmedia’s client wants to reach young Toronto professionals with content describing their new RRSP program and money-back incentives.

Armed with a social amp budget of $10,000, and an impression and click-through target, Ampifii estimates 1,000 engagements at a $10 CPM.

campaign budget

Lucile works in a team of three, with two other audience development managers. She ads them simply by scrolling through the companies directory of registered users.

campign team

Now Lucile builds her detailed social amplification media plan by creating audience groups on Facebook and Twitter.

create audience
adjust audience

She can adjust the distribution of each target group to meet the impression objective of 1,000,000 and be within budget.

impression target

Next, Lucile accesses the weekly planner and allocates the spend over the course of the campaign.

weekly plan

AND that’s it – Lucile creates the ads on platform, monitors the campaign and optimizes it to achieve the best results.

The Postmedia sales rep simply uploads their client’s content and Lucile does the rest based on the target audiences and spend in the plan. Periodically she will revise audiences, pause ads and create new ads – all in the pursuit of maximizing engagements and conversions.

Postmedia’s client has the control to review and approve all of the ads before they launch.

approve ad

The campaign is archived for future reference. The audience and plans can be copied for a quick setup for this client’s next campaign.

mary persona

Social network content amplification, we make the complex simple.