Our solution is built for publishers

We provide a white-labeled version of our technology platform. Publishers realize the opportunity of providing a social amplification solution to their clients.


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We have built an enterprise social amplification platform for publishers based on the needs of Canada’s largest publisher - Postmedia.

You will significantly boost the performance of native ad campaigns with social media amplification. Social channels can deliver over 80% of your advertisers’ impressions at industry competitive CPM’s and increase the number of engagements by 20 times or greater. Our platform gives your reps the capability to easily integrate amplification campaigns into your proposals that will make your customers happy and drive millions in new revenue.

Ampifii provides publishers with dashboards so you’ll always know what’s going on big picture and on any given campaign. Ampifii builds and optimizes all your campaigns expertly while always giving you the option to approve ads before they’re launched.

Your reps now have the capability to run stellar reports for clients in minutes and have discussions that are more strategic.

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Proven Social Amp Platform for Publishers